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Dr. Shaler’s no-nonsense insights and plain truths about how to ‘play nicely together in the company sandboxencourage you to speak up confidently and teach people how to treat you!

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The organization that has ‘excellent’ relations with its people will produce 40% more profits than those who don’t . . .
I strongly recommend you read this book—and apply it—to your business. Your bottom-line will thank you!
Allan S. Boress, CPA, CFE
Creator of The ‘I HATE Selling’ Program

Wrestling Rhinos will help you overcome both cultural and personal denials, contradictions and avoidance in order to master those difficult-to-handle situations. I will recommend it to all of our readers—women leaders who have had to work harder than most to learn these principles.
Pat Lynch, Founder and Editor in Chief
WomensRadio and WomensCalendar

Dr. Shaler has put together a wonderful ‘tutorial’ for all supervisors, managers and ‘wannabe’ managers in today’s
workforce. What impressed me most about the book . . . was how very relevant all of Shaler’s teachings are outside the workplace.
David M. Brudney, ISHC
Hospitality Marketing Consultants

Dr. Shaler is a master of the art of effective communication . . . Wrestling Rhinos could very well become one of the
most valuable books in your library.
Michael Angier, President
Success Networks International

Rhoberta has done a masterful job of identifying the core issues that impact productivity, and applying a framework for positive change. Her creativity knows no bounds, and can have an immediate impact on your success!
Mark LeBlanc, Owner
Small Business Success

As a trainer for the mortgage industry, I find there is even MORE conflict when money is involved. I especially recommend studying the key sentences and phrases that are essential to begin the conflict resolution process.
This book needs to be one of the top reference books in your library.
Karen Deis, President
Foundation Marketing, Inc.

After 40 years as a President and/or CEO of a number of companies, one thing about business has become abundantly
clear — no matter how good a service or product is, a business only succeeds because of the people in it and by their ability to manage conflict. If you want your business to be successful, then this book is a must read.
Lance Shaler, Sci-Com Data Services Ltd., President
(No relation to the author)

Today’s fast paced business climate often encourages quick, incomplete, and mostly misunderstood communication.
Dr. Shaler prescribes the antidote. This book touches the heart and gets to the “heart” of effective business communication in a way that builds trust, minimizes conflict, and provides a common sense approach for transforming your business relationships.
Jim O’Donnell, President,

Rhoberta Shaler’s book is your personal coach, guiding you in all the right, productive directions with people. She
is a master of negotiating results with, as she puts it, “the person under that behavior who wants to be understood.”
Mimi Donaldson, Co-author,
Negotiating for Dummies.

An instant classic! Dr. Shaler has delivered the only book that actually demonstrates how improving your people skills
can lead to increased profits. Her sharp style and savvy examples clearly communicate how to turn this chronic problem into a powerful opportunity. Finally – a conflict management approach that’s not as painful as the problem it attempts to solve! It may be a jungle out there, but with this fun-to-read guide you’ll go from sticky situation to successful safari in no time. “Wrestling Rhinos” is THE competitive edge for the 21st century. This year’s must-read business title!
Sterling Valentine, Marketing Expert

Many people work 40 hours a week or more, and conflicts can make it a very stressful experience. In “Wrestling
Rhinos: Conquering Conflict in the Wilds of Work”, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler truly shares how people skills sharpen your competitive edge and how you can interact assertively with colleagues, clients, and bosses. She also reveals ideas on how to deal with anger, communication, competition, conflict, negotiation, and common sense. Transforming your outlook at the office will not only lessen conflicts in the workplace, it will also lead to a happier homelife. Written in Dr. Shaler’s sincere, honest and appealing style, “Wrestling Rhinos: Conquering Conflict in the Wilds of Work”, is certainly an inspirational book and highly recommended for those that deal with these issues.
Roy Van Broekhuizen, CEO,

This is the first book I’ve ever seen that speaks to the good ol’ boys club and blows the whistle on them. It is revealing, honest and forthright and will help anyone—women, particularly—create and navigate a path through the glass ceiling
or any other perceived obstacle on the way to the top. Dr. Rhoberta Shaler offers practical insights and clear strategies to cut to the chase and cut through any dung heaps on the way. I strongly advise every business person to read this book.
Bill Lawson, Former CEO & Golf Pro
Realtor, Diamond Valley Realty, Temecula, CA

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